2016 Tournaments

Relay for Life Horseshoe Tournament kicks off 2016 season

This past Saturday, the St. Stephen Horseshoe Pitchers Club hosted their first tournament of the 2016 season at Fraser Farm.  The annual tournament is a fundraiser for the Watson Wranglers Relay for Life team.  The Club has helped raise over $4,000 over the past 10 years for the team.

The first tournament of the year seen a great turnout of pitchers as 30 participated in the event, in which teams were determined by random draw.  Round robin play would determine who would pitch for a chance to have their name engraved on the Leo Watson Trophy.

After round robin play, the standings were:


Division A

Greg Barry/Leo Watson                 6-1

George Lister/Cecil Bancroft        6-1

Nelson Ward/Dale Dunn               5-2

Paul Ram/Peter Mosher                4-3

Debbie Wilson/Earle Fraser         3-4

Ed Lutes/Rob Watson                     3-4

Allen Parks/Jason Rideout            1-6

Paul Lister/Glen Rideout               0-7


Division B

Albert Melanson/Krista Beaudry                7-0

Natalie Steen/Robert Young                        6-1

Wayne Porter/Jim Kenney                           4-3

Gary Lister/Blair Lacey                                   3-4

Marsha McDougall/Bill Casey Sr.               3-4

Wayne McKim/Hannah Borthwick            3-4

Martin Soucy/Jason Merchant                   2-5


The evenly matched round robin play seen a tie for first in A Division, which a tie breaker playoff was held to determine first and second in A division.  George Lister and Cecil Bancroft would hold off Greg Barry and Leo Watson to advance to the finals.

In the best of three final, George Lister and Cecil Bancroft faced off against Albert Melanson and last year’s Pitcher of the Year, Krista Beaudry.  In game one, Lister and Bancroft jumped out to an early lead and never looked back taking the game 21-4.

In game 2, the teams battled back and forth but in the end, Lister and Bancroft held off Melanson and Beaudry to win the game 21-18 and capture the Leo Watson Trophy.

In the game for third place, Natalie Steen and Robert Young beat the duo of Greg Barry and Leo Watson by a score of 21-2.

“It was a great day and a great turnout by the Club for a worth cause.” said Club President Jason Rideout, “We all enjoy pitching shoes and helping out a cause like the Relay for Life is an added bonus.”

The Club next tournament is the Registration Day Tournament which will be held at Fraser Farm on Saturday, June 25th.  The Club pitches every Tuesday night at Fraser Farm weather permitting.  “We want to encourage folks to stop out and give horseshoes a try.  We have pitchers from age 7 to age 91, so it is a sport and activity that anyone can play.  We are there to have a good time and everyone is welcome.” Said Rideout.


Lots of Ringers at Registration Day Tournament

It was a warm day at Fraser Farm in Old Ridge on Saturday as 26 pitchers pitched to have their name engraved on the Bill Casey Trophy.  The doubles tournament was broken into two divisions by a random draw and the teams played in 21 point games to determine the best record in each division.

At the end of the round robin, the standings were:

Division A

Ed Lutes/Jim Kenney                      5-1

Gary Lister/Earle Fraser                 5-1

Marsha McDougall/Blair Lacey   4-2

Paul Ram/Jason Rideout               4-2

Nelson Ward/Glen Rideout          2-4

George Lister/Peter Mosher       1-5

Bob Lister/Tom Fraser                    0-6


Division B

Allen Parks/Leo Watson                                4-1

Greg Barry/Rob Watson                                3-2

Paul Lister/Krista Beaudry                            2-3

Natalie Steen/Claire Rideout                       2-3

Albert Melanson/Don Thibodeau              2-3

Maurice Waycott/Hannah Borthwick       2-3


The round robin play ended with a tight grouping of results, which is seen at almost all of the St. Stephen Horseshoe Pitchers Club tournaments.  While Allen Parks and Leo Watson were the top team in B division, a tie breaker game was needed in A Division.

The team of Ed Lutes and Jim Kenney were able to hold off Gary Lister and Earle Fraser to capture the top spot in Division A.

In the best of three final, Allen Parks and Leo Watson faced off against Ed Lutes and Jim Kenney.  In Game one, Lutes and Kenney jumped to an early lead and started to find the stake consistently, taking Game 1, 21-4.

The teams switched ends and started Game 2.  While Parks and Watson, scored early, some superb pitching by Lutes and Kenney proved too much to top, and Lutes/Kenney took Game 2 for the Championship 21-6.

In a one game playoff to determine 3rd Place, Gary Lister and Earle Fraser faced Greg Barry and Rob Watson, with Lister and Fraser coming out on top on a very close game.

Club President, Jason Rideout said “It was pretty hot at one point but there always seems to be a light breeze at Fraser Farm so that helped a bit.  It is great to see two of our youngest pitchers in the tournament (Hannah Borthwick and Claire Rideout) and to see a couple of our eldest pitchers playing in the playoffs.  It is a sport for all ages and this tournament highlighted it.”


Melanson and Fraser capture Fraser Farm Horseshoe Tournament

The St. Stephen Horseshoe Pitchers Club held its third local tournament of the year, this one under the lights at Fraser Farm.  The Fraser Farm tournament is the longest running local horseshoe tournament, with its beginnings going back to the late 1990s.

The 28 pitchers were teamed up via a random draw and put into two 7 team round robin divisions.  The top team out of each division would play for a chance to have their name engraved on the Earle Fraser Trophy.

After round robin play, the results were:

Division A

Albert Melanson/Earle Fraser                     5-1

Bert Lister/Jim Kenney                                  4-2

Allen Parks/Hannah Borthwick                   4-2

Ray Parks/Jason Merchant                           4-2

George Lister/Dale Dunn                              2-4

Leo Watson/Jason Rideout                          1-5

Cecil Bancroft/Glen Rideout                        1-5


Division B

Maurice Waycott/Peter Mosher                5-1

Gary Lister/Krista Beaudry                           4-2

Greg Barry/Kyle Beaudry                              4-2

Mark Mosher/Blair Lacey                              4-2

Paul Lister/Sandy Ring                                    2-4

Natalie Steen/Bill Casey Sr.                          2-4

Marsha McDougall/Claire Rideout            0-6


There was a log jam for second place in each division, so a series of tie breakers were needed to determine which teams would play for third place in the tournament.  In A Division, Allen Parks and Hannah Borthwick came out of the tie breakers to move on.  In B Division, Gary Lister and Krista Beaudry moved on to face Parks and Borthwick.

In the one game playoff to determine third place, Gary Lister and Krista Beaudry held off Allen Parks and Hannah Borthwick to take third place on the night.

In the best of three final, Maurice Waycott and Peter Mosher faced off against Albert Melanson and Earle Fraser.  In game one, Melanson and Fraser jumped out to an early lead and never looked back, taking Game 1, 21-10.

In Game 2, the tides turned and Waycott and Mosher pushed ahead when the score hit double digits and Waycott finished Game 2 with a ringer, with the score being 21-10.

In Game 3, both teams jockeyed for position early on, then Melanson and Fraser pushed ahead on the scoreboard and never looked back, taking Game 3, 21-9 and capturing the Earle Fraser Trophy.


Mid Summer Twilight Tournament rolls past Midnight

The beautiful night at Fraser Farm on Thursday night made it so the pitchers of the St. Stephen Horseshoe Pitchers Club did not want to go home.  The tournament wrapped up at 15 minutes after Midnight after a large turnout and unprecedented close round robin finish.

The tournament seen 36 pitchers participate in tournament, making it the largest tournament at Fraser Farm in the past three years.  “It was a perfect night for pitching and it seemed like it brought everybody out to pitch” said Club President, Jason Rideout.

After round robin play, the standings were:

Division A

Gary Lister/Jason Rideout                             6-3

George Barton/Rob Watson                        6-3

Paul Lister/Jim Kenney                                  6-3

George Lister/Krista Beaudry                      6-3

Ed Lutes/Robert Young                                  5-4

Maurice Waycott/Earle Fraser                    5-4

Mark Mosher/Blair Lacey                              4-5

Martin Soucy/Bill Casey Sr.                           4-5

Bob Lister/Peter Mosher                              3-6


Division B

Natalie Steen/Kyle Beaudry                        7-2

Debbie Wilson/Dale Dunn                            7-2

Paul Ram/Clifford Rideout                            7-2

Greg Barry/Allison Cripps                              7-2

Albert Melanson/Glen Rideout                  5-4

Mark Parks/Claire Rideout                           4-5

Marsha McDougall/Jamie Rideout            4-5

Cecil Bancroft/Leo Watson                           3-6

Allen Parks/Hannah Borthwick                   1-8


It was the first time in Club history that each division had a four-way tie for first place in the division.  A series of tie breakers were need to determine who would play for the President’s Cup.

After the first round of tiebreakers in Division A, Gary Lister and Jason Rideout faced off against George Barton and Rob Watson.  A back and forth battle was eventually won by Barton and Watson, advancing them to the tournament final.

In B Division, Paul Ram and Clifford Rideout faced off against Natalie Steen and Kyle Beaudry, which turned out to be a close game with Ram and Rideout advancing to the final.

In the one game playoff to determine third place in the tournament, Lister and Rideout went up against Steen and Beaudry and the duo of Steen and Beaudry jumped to an early lead and never looked back to capture third place.

In the best of three final, Paul Ram and Clifford Rideout faced off against George Barton and Rob Watson.  In game one, both teams gained points back and forth as both ends pitched well.  When the dust settled, Barton and Watson won 21-19.  The teams switched ends to start Game 2.

In Game 2, the tides turned and Ram and Rideout raced up the scoreboard for the uncontested win of 21-4.

Coming off of the lopsided Game 2, Barton and Watson got down to business and never looked back taking Game 3, 21-7, with the last pitch being thrown at 15 minutes past midnight.  The two celebrated the win under the lights at Fraser Farm.


Melanson and Beaudry Win Memorial Trophy Under the Lights at Fraser Farm

On Thursday night, 22 members of the St. Stephen Horseshoe Pitchers Club participated in the annual Memorial Tournament.  Typically held on the last Saturday of August, this year the tournament was moved so the Club could host the Provincial Championships.

With the days getting shorter, the lights were on early at Fraser Farm with most of the tournament being played under the lights.  After round robin play, the standings were:


Division A

Greg Barry/Jason Merchant                         4-1

Albert Melanson/Krista Beaudry                4-1

Mark Mosher/Jason Rideout                      3-2

Paul Lister/Kyle Beaudry                               2-3

Leo Watson/Earle Fraser                               2-3


Division B

Jim Kenney/Marsha McDougall                  4-1

Allen Parks/Bill Casey Sr.                               3-2

Gary Lister/Glen Rideout                              2-3

Maurice Waycott/Dale Dunn                       2-3

Ray Parks/Peter Mosher                               2-3

Blair Lacey/George Lister                              2-3


While the duo of Jim Kenney and Marsha McDougall had the top record in Division B, a tiebreaker was needed in Division A as Greg Barry and Jason Merchant were tied with Albert Melanson and Krista Beaudry.  The two teams played off with Melanson and Beaudry winning the tie breaker and moving on to the finals to face Kenney and McDougall.

In the best of three finals, Melanson and Beaudry started to roll, pitching ringers back and forth, taking Game 1, 21-3.  In Game 2, Kenney and McDougall couldn’t even get on the scoreboard as Melanson and Beaudry were firing on all cylinders, taking Game 2 and the Memorial Trophy, 21-0.

In a one game playoff for third place, Greg Barry and Jason Merchant held on to beat Allen Parks and Bill Casey Sr. to capture third place.

This Saturday, the Club will host its 10th Club Championships at Fraser Farm.  “The Club Championship is the tournament everyone wants to win.” Says Club President Jason Rideout.  “It is the last tournament of the year and pitchers want to get their name on the Club Championship trophy as it is a tough tournament to win every year as the competition is always close.”

Lister and Beaudry win 10th Annual Club Championships

The pitchers of the St. Stephen Horseshoe Pitchers Club could not have asked for a better day to pitch their Club Championships on Saturday.  Under sunny skies at Fraser Farm, 24 members of the Club competed for a chance at becoming Club Champions.

The field was split into two pools with the teams being selected by random draw.  Round robin play determined who would move on to the Club Championships best of three finals.

After round robin play, the standings were:

Division A

Gary Lister/Krista Beaudry           4-1

Allen Parks/Peter Mosher            4-1

Jim Kenney/Kyle Beaudry             3-2

Bob Lister/Bill Casey Sr.                 2-3

Ray Parks/Earle Fraser                   2-3

Mark Mosher/Rob Watson          0-5


Division B

Greg Barry/George Lister              5-0

Paul Lister/Glen Rideout               3-2

Maurice Waycott/Marsha McDougall      2-3

Albert Melanson/Jason Rideout                2-3

Leo Watson/Cecil Bancroft                           2-3

Blair Lacey/Claire Rideout                            1-4


Division A seen a tie at the top of the division, which has occurred in almost all of the local tournaments this year.  “The tournaments this year have been very evenly matched” said Jason Rideout, Club President, “Every pitcher has a chance and you are in the running until the final game of the round robin every tournament this year.  It makes for some great pitching.”

A one game tie breaker between Gary Lister & Krista Beaudry and Allen Parks & Peter Mosher was held to determine who would move on to face Greg Barry & George Lister in the finals.  Lister & Beaudry held off Parks & Mosher 21-11 to advance to the finals.

In game one of the finals, Lister and Beaudry jumped out to an early lead against Barry and Lister and moved steadily up the scoreboard with ringers on both ends.  Lister and Beaudry took the game 21-10.

The teams switched ends for Game two, and the Club members were treated to great game.  The teams jockeyed for position for the entire game, with the lead switching hands after every pitch.  Barry & Lister took the lead, 20-17 and on the next pitch, George Lister missed the stake with his first shoe and his second shoe was in for a point.  Beaudry stepped to the line, found the stake with her first shoe and slide the second shoe in for a closer point, giving her four points for the win.  Gary Lister and Krista Beaudry took the finals in two straight games in the best of three.

The win was Gary Lister’s second Club Championship title and Krista Beaudry’s first Club Championship.

In the one game playoff for third, the duo of Allen Parks and Peter Mosher were able to hold off Paul Lister and Glen Rideout 21-17 in a back and forth game.