2013 Tournaments

Relay for Life Champs

Waycott and Fraser win Relay for Life Tournament under the lights at Fraser Farm


The annual Relay for Life horseshoe tournament, in which the St. Stephen Horseshoe Pitchers Club helps the Watson Wranglers raise funds for the Relay for Life.  The tournament originally scheduled for the weekend was rained out, so the decision was made to play on Tuesday Night.

Leo Watson opened the tournament announcing that the members of the Club have helped raised $3,000 for the Watson Wranglers in the past.  A moment of silence was also held for fellow pitcher, Jim Shaw who passed away in January of this year.

The tournament seen 32 members of the Club participate in the event.  All of the Club’s tournaments are set up with a high low format which sees higher percentage pitchers paired with lower percentage pitchers to even the playing field in the round robin.

As the sun set behind the barn at Fraser Farm, the round robin standings were as followed:

Division A

Maurice Waycott/Earle Fraser                         6-1

Paul Lister/Don Lister                                      5-2

Gary Lister/Dale Dunn                                     5-2

Ray Parks/Tammy Dunn                                 3-4

Diana Grant/Glen Rideout                               3-4

Cecil Bancroft/Peter Mosher                           3-4

Bob Lister/Larry Fairweather                           2-5

Mark Parks/Jennifer Williams                          1-6


Division B

Natalie Steen/Jane Curran                              6-1

Greg Barry/Wayne Livingstone                       5-2

Marcia McDougall/George Lister                     3-4

Krista Beaudry/Bill Casey Sr.                          3-4

Allen Parks/Jason Merchant                           3-4

Martha Barker/Blair Lacey                              3-4

Wayne Porter/Rob Watson                             3-4

Albert Melanson/Jason Rideout                      2-5

The Championship final seen pitted men versus women.  Natalie Steen and Jane Curran faced off against Maurice Waycott and Earle Fraser.  The match up produced some great pitching.

In game one, Steen & Curran jumped out to an early lead, hitting double digits first, but what would be seen in each of the games, Waycott & Fraser would soon catch up.  Both teams jockeyed up the scoreboard until the score hit 20-20.  Waycott pitched first and put a ringer on the stake.  Steen followed suit with her first shoe covering Waycott’s ringer and then put her second shoe close to take game one 21-20.

In game two, Steen & Curran shot out of the gate but Waycott and Fraser came back and tied the score at 19 and secured a victory, 21-19.

In the decisive game three, both teams found themselves at 10, with Fraser landing a close shoe to make it 11-10.  Waycott tossed two ringers on the stake and Steen was unable to cover them, pulling ahead 17-10 and Fraser stepped up and put a ringer and a close shoe in the pit and Curran was unable to cover, putting Waycott and Fraser on top and winning the Leo Watson Trophy.

“The finals showcased some great pitching from all four individuals, it was a great series to watch.  The Club enjoys watching such tight games.”  said Club President Jason Rideout.  This was evidence by the fact that a significant number of members were left watching when the final game wrapped up around 11 pm.

Greg Barry and Wayne Livingstone finished third in the event after beating out Gary Lister and Dale Dunn in a one game playoff.


Allen Parks and Marcia McDougall Win Registration Day Tournament

100_4813  Wayne Livingstone and Krista Beaudry Win Fraser Farm Tournament

2013-08-13 22.02.48

Melanson and McDougall capture Mid Summer Horseshoe Tournament Title

The weather has not cooperated with the St. Stephen Horseshoe Pitchers Club this summer when it comes to playing their tournaments.  The Mid Summer Twilight tournament, which started as the Club’s first tournament under the lights at Fraser Farm, was originally scheduled during International Festival.

“Like everyone else, the weather this summer has been a bit frustrating if you are planning outdoor events, or at least it has been for us as it seems to rain on our pitching nights.”  said Club President Jason Rideout.

The tournament moved forward on Tuesday night with the weather forecast calling for showers in the evening, however the pitchers did not have to break out the rain gear.

The field of twenty four pitchers were divided paired into teams and divided into two divisions for round robin play to determine who would make the playoffs and play for the President’s Cup.

Division A

Albert Melanson/Marcia McDougall              5-0

Ray Parks/Jim Lord                                        3-2

Martha Barker/Earle Fraser                             3-2

Leo Watson/Jason Rideout                             2-3

Gary Lister/Glen Rideout                               1-4

Krista Beaudry/Jason Merchant                      1-4

Division B

Allen Parks/Peter Mosher                               5-0

Natalie Steen/Mark Parks                               4-1

Greg Barry/Bill Casey Sr.                               2-3

Paul Lister/Blair Lacey                                   2-3

Cecil Bancroft/Dale Dunn                              2-3

Wayne Porter/Wayne Livingstone                  0-5

In the best of three finals, two undefeated teams met to determine who would take the tournament trophy home.  In game one, the teams of Albert Melanson & Marcia McDougall and Allen Parks/Peter Mosher steadily moved up the scoreboard with neither team getting a lead.  With the score 19-18, Melanson finished the game with a ringer, giving the first win to him and McDougall.

In game two, Melanson and McDougall kept the momentum going and did not look back, beating Parks & Mosher, 21-13 to capture the President’s Cup.  The duo went unbeaten during the entire evening.

To determine third place, a tie breaker game in Division A decided who would play Natalie Steen and Mark Parks.  Ray Parks and Jim Lord defeated Martha Barker and Earle Fraser in the tie breaker to advance.

In the one game playoff for third, Steen and Parks held off Parks and Lord taking the game 21-13.


2013-08-22 21.52.02

Marcia McDougall & Cecil Bancroft Win the Memorial Tournament

100_4976Steen and Rideout win Fall Fair Horseshoe Tournament

This past weekend, members of the St. Stephen Horseshoe Pitchers Club participated in the St. Stephen Fall Fair horseshoe tournament.  Twenty three pitchers were divided into two divisions by random draw.

At the end of the round robin, the standings in each division were:

Division A

Gary Lister/Wayne Livingstone                  5-0

Krista Beaudry/Marcia McDougall             3-2

Mark Parks/Mark Mosher                            3-2

Paul Lister/Earle Fraser                                  3-2

Wayne Porter/Don Thibodeau                   1-4

Jason Rideout                                                    0-5

Division B

Natalie Steen/Glen Rideout                        4-1

Ray Parks/Blair Lacey                                      3-2

Albert Melanson/Peter Mosher                                3-2

Cecil Bancroft/Bill Casey Sr.                         3-2

Greg Barry/Tammy Dunn                             1-4

Allen Parks/Dale Dunn                                   1-4

In the tournament final, the duo of Gary Lister & Wayne Livingstone faced off against Natalie Steen & Glen Rideout.  In game one, Lister & Livingstone maintained their unbeaten record, taking Game one of the best of three 21-17.

In game two, Steen & Rideout were able to secure the win to force game three to decide the winner.  In game three, with both teams hovering around the 13 point mark, Steen pitched two ringers and Lister was unable to cover either of them, pushing Steen & Rideout to 19 points.  Rideout had first pitch and tossed a ringer onto the stake and Livingstone was not able to cover, securing the tournament championship for Steen and Rideout.

To determine third place, each round robin division had three teams tied for second place, so a series of tie breaker games were needed to determine the two teams who would play for third place.  After the tie breakers, the duos of Krista Beaudry & Marcia McDougall faced off against Cecil Bancroft & Bill Casey Sr.  In the one game playoff, Beaudry and McDougall secured an early lead and held off Bancroft and Casey to secure third place.


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